HOME HOME STATIONERY STATIONERY FAQ FAQ CONTACT CONTACT ABOUT ABOUT PRESS PRESS WEDDING WEDDING STORE STORE BLOG BLOG B A C K   T O  W O R K S H O P S A B O U T   P H O T O G R A V U R E  At Hill End Press, we teach the 1879 method of Karl Klic/Fox Talbot using polished copper plate with sensitised gelatin tissue. Combined with modern inkjet positives, the method is an interesting intersection between traditional printmaking, photography and digital technology. Copperplate photogravure has always been the standard of excellence in photographic reproduction. Although there are modern ‘photpolymer’ techniques that approximate traditional photogravure, the detailed tonality of copperplate photogravure is unparalleled. There are also the endless possibilities of altering the copper plate using traditional copperplate printmaking tools. Working from a digital file, we use Photoshop to create a digital positive on ‘Pictorico’ overhead projection material using our Epson 3880 printer. This is exposed onto sensitised gelatin tissue, then transferred to the polished and degreased plate. After development in warm water and careful drying, the plate is then etched in differing baths of ferric chloride. The resulting plate is then inked and printed through the etching press. There are endless possibilities of colour and tone in the printing process, nothing matches the thrill of seeing your first plate come off the press! This process involves the use of potassium dichromate in the sensitising of the tissue, safe handling procedure is paramount. THE GROVE PHOTOGRAVURE BY BILL MOSELEY