First of all and most of all it’s going to be a beautiful simple process. We want this to be smooth sailing and enjoyable for your special day, to keep you out of the woods.  
1.HOW DO I GET STARTED?     Select a design, colour and fonts    from the series of designs from our      C L A S S I C  K I T and contact us.    We’ll get back to you within 4 working    days with a questionaire and to start    a conversation and quote.  
2. HOW DO I GET STARTED WITH     THE PREMIUM RANGE?      Contact us and we will get back to you     within 4 working days and we can arrange     a quote for you.                                                                                                  3.HOW MANY INVITATIONS?      A lot of your guests will more than likely      be couples so you only count them as one      invitation. Another thought is to add 5 - 10      invitations on top. As there maybe the last      minute guests or invitations to treasure and      keep. We will add another 5 free envelopes      in both the ranges just in case you make      any little mistakes in addressing. 4.CAN I ORDER A CUSTOM COLOUR?     Only in the P R E M I U M, where if there     is a particular theme colour for your     wedding day we are happy to match.    5. WHAT PAPER DO YOU PRINT ON?      600gsm for invitations and 250gsm for stationery      accessories in luxurious100% cotton Gmund      board in white. Boards and papers are eco friendly.  
6.WHAT’S THE PROCEDURE    WITH QUOTES?    We will give you a quote and after agreement    to start the design process a 50% deposit is    placed then we start. We offer 2 design edits    on pdf for the C L A S S I C  K I T and 3    designs edits for the P R E M I U M to choose from.    P R E M I U M  has a $95.00 design fee.    When you have signed off on the design    that you are happy with we start the presses rolling.    On completion of printing, we will contact you for the balance    of payment and your stationery will be sent to you by registered Post. 7. WHAT ABOUT MISTAKES      IN WORDING?      It’s always wise to have more than yourselves proof read      the overall design and wording, bridesmaids can help  here.      As once you have signed off for printing we’re not      responsible for mistakes. 8. CAN WE USE OUR OWN DESIGNS?      Only in the P R E M I U M we are more      than happy to work in with an idea you      may have. 9. DO YOU PRINT SMALL QUANTITIES?      30 is our minimum. 10.WHAT IF OUR WEDDING IS CANCELLED?      Sometimes things in life happen. If for whatever reason      there is a cancellation of your wedding,because of costs      in plates and design we retain the 50% deposit to cover      materials and preparation time.   11. DO YOU DO SAVE THE DATE AND OTHER       ITEMS OF STATIONERY?       YES we do, just ask when you contact us and        we will add it into your quote.